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'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' Hippocrates

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"Diet, Nutrition, and Spondyloarthritis"



Dr Elena Philippou PhD, RD, FHEA


Registered Dietitian
Nicosia, Cyprus
Dr Elena Philippou is a Registered Dietitian, an Associate Professor in Nutrition-Dietetics at the University of Nicosia and a Visiting Lecturer at King's College London. She has 20 years of experience in consulting people always combining each person's health needs with their unique preferences.

Consulation Services
Nutritional assessment
Obesity/Overweight and Weight loss
Childhood obesity and dietary advice
Insulin resistance
Diabetes - Type I, Type II
Gestational diabetes
Cardiovascular disease
Gastrointestinal disease- IBS, acid reflux, IBD 
Coeliac disease
Rheumatoid disease
Thyroid-related disease
Weight gain
Nutrition for Pregnancy &
Sports Nutrition
Eating disorders
Healthy eating for disease prevention
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