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Dr Elena Philippou

Registered Dietitian

Consultation services
Nutritional assessment
Weight loss
Child obesity and dietary advice
Insulin resistance
Diabetes - Type I, Type II
Gestational diabetes
Cardiovascular disease
Gastrointestinal disease- IBS, acid reflux, IBD etc
Thyroid problems
Weight gain
Nutrition for Pregnancy &
Sports Nutrition
Eating disorders
Healthy eating for disease prevention 

Dr. Elena Philippou PhD, RD, FHEA
Registered Dietitian
Dr Elena Philippou is a Registered Dietitian (RD), Associate Professor of Nutrition-Dietetics at the University of Nicosia and Visiting Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences at King's College London. She has 20 years of experience in consulting people on diet-related issues always combining health needs with the preferences of each individual.
She holds a BSc in Nutrition with 1st class honours and a PgDip in Dietetics with Honours from King's College London. She worked as a dietitian at the University of Aintree, Liverpool and then returned to London to pursue a Doctorate at Imperial College, specifically at the Hammersmith Hospital. Her doctoral dissertation focused on cardiovascular disease prevention and weight maintenance using the glycaemic index.

Dr Philippou also holds a postgraduate Degree in Behavioural Management of Adult Obesity, (University of Central Lancashire, 2003) and a postgraduate Degree in Higher Education (University of Hertfordshire, 2012). She served as Assistant Secretary of the Cyprus Nutrition and Dietetic Association (2010-13) and Secretary of the Biomedical and Clinical Research Committee of the Cyprus Bioethics Committee (2011-15).
Dr Philippou has published several scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals (click here) and participated in several European and US conferences where she presented her research findings.  She is also the editor of the book entitled 'Glycemic Index: Practical Applications' (2017, CRC Press, USA) (click here)

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