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Pregnant Woman

D.Ε., female age 42

"I managed to control gestational diabetes"

"I got pregnant with IVF treatment after many attempts at 42 years old. At 6 months pregnant I developed gestational diabetes.  My gynaecologist referred me to Elena.  Her advice was so helpful!  She taught me how to estimate carbohydrate intake and how to choose foods with a low glycaemic index and this controlled my blood sugar and body weight and I gave birth to a very healthy baby. I would highly recommend Elena!"


KG, male age 33

"I lost 40 kilos without even feeling hungry!"

When I first visited Elena, I had a very negative psychology. I had put on 40 kilos in weight after a breakup that cost me emotionally and I was on the verge of diabetes. Elena helped me to "simply eat in a healthier way". She didn't limit my food choices, in fact, she never uses the words 'allowed' or 'forbidden', but instead taught me how to follow the Mediterranean diet so I could eat everything without being hungry.  Within one and a half years, I had lost 40 kilos, started exercising, and now I feel like a different person. And best of all: I no longer have any signs of diabetes.

Diet Salad

LK, male age 65, I visited Elena after a stroke

"From the first meeting, she won me over with her scientific knowledge."

Unfortunately, after many years working and becoming stressed, I suffered a stroke and I was diagnosed with 2 'blocked' arteries. After the operation, I decided I needed to make a fresh start. My cardiologist referred me to Elena. At first I was very cautious but from the first meeting she "won" me over with her scientific knowledge. She explained everything to me, how to eat properly, why I should choose one food instead of another, how to eat when we go out with friends and much more. I am not deprived of any food and I now feel that I am in control of my diet but above all my health.

Natural Medicine

E.R.  female age 54

"I now recommend my friends to stop being deprived and visit Elena."

At the age of 50, I started to see my body change. I never used to gain weight around my tummy area but now it seemed that everything I ate was stored as fat. In a few months, I had my menopause. Elena was introduced to me by my friend: 'You will definitely see a difference', she said. Indeed! I had followed many diets in my life and had visited many dietitians. The difference with Elena was that I was not oppressed, I was not hungry and I never felt like I was on a diet. Instead, she pointed out some small changes in my diet and the excess kilos are now a thing of the past. So now I recommend to my friends to stop feeling deprived!

Drinking Milk

SM, mother of K.M., 12 years old

"My son never complained that he was hungry and most importantly to me he was happy."

We visited Elena for my son when I noticed that he was starting to gain weight. I asked our pediatrician and she introduced us to Elena. Our experience was amazing! She sat down with my son, got a very detailed history of what he eats, when, with whom, etc., and we all agreed on some feasible and realistic goals. K grew taller and lost 1-2 kilos in the process. He never complained that he was hungry and most importantly for me he was happy and was always looking forward to visiting his dietitian to discuss new goals.

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Male, age 72 

'I feel like I'm born again with my healthy diet!'

I am a 72-year-old retiree with several health problems, such as being overweight, have high blood pressure and a predisposition to diabetes. Following the instructions of my cardiologist, I visited Dr Elena Philippou, with the assistance of whom, I managed within three months to get back to healthy ranges in my blood tests.  I lost 10 kilos in weight, 8 cm from around my chest, 9 cm from my waist, and 8 cm from my hips. The most amazing thing is that the glycosylated hemoglobin (Haemoglobin A1c) was reduced from 7.2%, which is the category of high blood sugar to now 5.6%, i.e. normal levels. Many heartfelt thanks!

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